RRRR Unreleased

RRRR 1.1.0 2020-05-08

  • Improved documentation
  • Bug fix: update.RRRR now includes previous history
  • Improved safety: added more checks in RRRR and ORRRR
  • Bug fix: plot.RRRR run time x aes wrong labels are now fixed.
  • Bug fix: coef.RRR method now handles different Q and R
  • Bug fix: RRR_data class now print different Q and R
  • Better print method: extra dimensions are now printed as .
  • The package support of the progress bar is now changed from package dplyr to package lazybar. The progress bar functionality will be deprecated in dplyr 1.0.0. lazybar provide a better estimated remaining time using drift forecast method.

RRRR 1.0.0 2020-03-20

  • First release